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There are currently three voice files to download in mp3 format (right click and "Save As"):

1. Wester Ross - Gruinard Bay, a travelogue. From a BBC Radio 4 broadcast, "Curious Scotland", on 'Book of the Week'.

2. Extract from a Darien journal. From a BBC Radio Scotland features programme about the Darien Scheme.

3. Philosophical reflections of a father. From a BBC Radio 4 short story in the afternoon.

View a YouTube preview of Simon as part of the cast in Communicado theatre company's "The Government Inspector" - Perth Theatre, March - April 2011 here

Some video files to download in Windows WMV format (right click and "Save As"):

1. Taggart - 1. From 'Taggart', STV, 2002.

2. Taggart - 2. From 'Taggart', STV, 2002.

3. Taggart - 3. From 'Taggart', STV, 2002.

4. The Ticking Man. From 'The Ticking Man', 2003.

5. Retribution. From 'Retribution', Roaring Fire Films, 2005.

6. Still Game. From 'Still Game', BBC Scotland, 2007.

7. Wedding Belles. From 'Wedding Belles', Channel 4, 2007.